Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The need to be... What?

Why do we divide ourselves into a 'new' self and an 'old' self and constantly feel the need to reinvent and restart even better than before? 
Why do we judge our old selves as if they were not good enough and hard to relate to? 
We are all on a journey through this life and as a result are constantly evolving and changing and that is awesome and definitely something to be celebrated but the self we are changing from should be celebrated just as much as that self is who we learn from. And unless we are committing acts against humanity we really have no reason to place a negative label upon ourselves and pressure ourselves to change because of unworthiness. 
It makes me sad and frustrated to feel a division between our evolving selves from the past. Because ultimately we are the same being, right? 
So whether we are a painter or a plumber, 6ft tall or 4ft short, wearing evening gowns or tracksuits we feel the same emotions right? 
Therefore we have no right to beat ourselves up for being either or. No right to judge ourselves for choosing a certain path because we are no greater or no less because of that decision. And that means that we will feel the guilt and hurt we inflict upon ourselves just as much whether we are 4ft or 6ft. We will feel the love and joy of life just as much. Certainly there are times in our lives when we feel the joy or the sadness greater overwhelming one another but I don't believe that is a result of whether we are a painter or a plumber. That is an external circumstance. Those choices come about because of an internal shift. Whether we are enjoying or resenting ourselves in this life is not dependant upon our external circumstances but rather a result of a decision we make to either shift our view on ourselves or our environment. We become healthy and happy not by merely exercising every day and eating salads but because we find a deeper purpose and connection within ourselves to life. We make a decision to contribute to something greater. So we are exercising not to look good in a bikini but instead to have more energy and strength in life to fulfil anything we set our minds to doing. So we can laugh and play with children. So we can walk along the beach and really appreciate the colours of the sunset. So we can wake up each morning with an excitement for everything the day will bring. 

And so, if our 'old' selves are the catalyst for these changes that bring hope and joy, then surely we can't berate and undermine them, because we need them to show us the way into the light. Without them we wouldn't appreciate all that we have achieved. We would have no benchmark. 
So I want to celebrate each and every part of myself. Because I am whole. I am made of dark and light. I am old and new and I accept every part of myself. I truly believe it is so incredibly important for all of us to start acknowledging ourselves. Because when you start talking to yourself with love and care you realise how often you actually do the opposite. Now, more than ever. We are coming into an amazing time and we all need to start seeing ourselves for the amazing human beings we are. Look at yourself in the mirror and send yourself infinite love and gratitude. You will feel silly, guaranteed, I do! But keep saying it, keep telling yourself and eventually you will believe it. Let's bridge the gap between old and new and just choose to accept ourselves today =)

One of my favourite songs, enjoy!

Monday, 17 September 2012

The world is changing because we are deciding it is changing...

The world is changing because we are deciding it is changing...

It is such an amazing time to be on Earth right now. There is so much going on and around us though that we can become scattered and caught up in it all very easily. And when we hear about all the disasters, riots, and wars in the media we can begin to wonder whether it is such a great world after all and if indeed things are getting better or just worse... But that is merely our perception. What we believe, we see. So if we all start believing and seeing the world as a vibrant, healthy, life giving, and loving place then we will begin to see it that way in reality. I know you are thinking that it can't possibly be that simple and how does that stop war but I believe with every fibre of my being that it is true and I invite you to try taking a hand at creating a new awesome world with me...

We make the decision to change. We make the decision to grow.

All we need to do is open ourselves up to new possibilities. Listen to people from a perspective you never have. Take a different route to work. Try a yoga class, turn your ego off, and let your body surrender to movement. Surprise your friend with a batch of homemade cookies and some flowers.

Because if we open up to new possibilities in our own lives then the world will follow suit. It's the basic law of attraction. What we create, we receive in return. Why do some people flourish in the darkest of situations? Because they believe in the light and that they deserve the very best for themselves. If I could wave my hand and bring peace to war-torn countries I certainly would but there are bigger powers at play and so I decide to at least create a world for myself that is filled with love, gratitude, and acceptance in the hope that that energy begins to spread and reverberate energetically around the whole planet.

Shield yourself from negative people and negative situations. We all get caught up in it from time to time and that is ok because from hardships we learn and grow, but often we unknowingly pick up others negativity which is not conducive to our lives and growth. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable and unworthy, remove them from your life. Make the choice to surround yourself with people, situations, places, and work that supports, nurtures, and encourages you to be the best you can.
Make the choice to fill your home and self with things that will heal and nourish your body and spirit.
Expand your knowledge base and awareness of the earth we are living in and how to support it the best we can. Make a choice to detox your life from the clutter of media, major corporations, and social norms. Create your own way.

How liberating is that =) Let's all inspire each other!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Dear Future Me...

Today as I walked to the train station I thought about writing a letter to my future self, in say, 50 years time. I thought about questions I would ask myself now and what those answers would reveal to my future self, but also what insight they would give to my present state of mind...

- What is the one word you use most often to describe yourself to others? In seemingly passing conversation, do you refer to yourself as "silly", "lazy", "pudgy", "not as good as"... or do you describe yourself as "awake", "energetic", "considerate", "beautiful"...

- What's the first thing you think of when you wake up? The very first instinct when you get out of bed? Do you check in with yourself and calibrate or just rush ahead and go?

- When you step out of the shower, do you look in the mirror at yourself? Do you like what you see?

- What is the one thing you do for yourself that makes you feel grounded and connected to life and everyone in it? When was the last time you did that?

- How often do you physically touch another person? What is your first reaction to when someone hugs you?

- What part of yourself do you try to cover up? Why? No, seriously and honestly, why? What are you afraid of that part showing to the world?

- When was the last time you cried?

- Do you try to emulate a vision of someone else in your own self?

- How does the word 'freedom' make you feel? Is it far away or at your fingertips?

- When was the last time you switched your phone off?

All of these questions, when answered honestly, showed in clear light for me how I was seeing myself at the current moment. Of course they are ever changing, as we are ever changing, but right now what was highlighted for me was my 'self talk'. Why was the first instinct to myself a negative one? When did I step over the fence from love and acceptance of myself into harsh judgement and unreal assumptions?
What am I gaining by feeding these 'not good enough' thoughts into my mind, body, and spirit? Do I realise the impact and consequences having these thoughts has on me and my relationships with others?
So today I will write out some mantras, some words, to remind myself to LOVE above all else. And hopefully I don't have to wait until I'm 80 to see the truth of beauty and love in this life!

A little side note: After writing this post earlier today I was discussing it with a near and dear friend who offered me an alternative view, a pearl of wisdom, and pulled me out of my rabbit hole (isn't that what friends are for?), which was: Why not stop questioning why I am continuously questioning myself  and simply let myself 'be' in the space I am in right now at this very moment. If I am searching to be the best person I can be and eliminate all negative thought forms surely that begins with simply letting go of the why and how and just accepting me now. No questions asked =) Hehe!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

International Raw Food Day!!!!

Union Square Farmers Markets in NYC-
the best apples I have EVER tasted!
This Wednesday 11th July is 'International Raw Food Day'! For those of you who know me, I have a strong passion for the raw vegan movement and all its fresh, vibrant produce brimming with life! A wonderful raw vegan advocate is a woman called Karen Knowler who runs a raw food coaching company in the UK. Last year she launched International Raw Food Day and has put out a whole heap of info for people who are interested. The premise is for anyone and everyone to GO RAW for one day, that day being the 11th of July and to see how easy and awesome it actually is! Many people unknowingly consume vegan and raw foods without realising such as guacamole, salsa, fresh juices etc. and her one day guide proves just how easy and yummy it is to embrace even one day of raw food goodness. I really truly encourage you to check out her site and download the go raw for a day guide. And commit to it! It is one day out of your life and if you don't like it at least you tried but hopefully it encourages you to open a new door and maybe this one day extends to one day every week raw vegan...
Here is the link peeps:
If you click on the go raw for a day link it should take you straight to an email link for your FREE guide YAY!

If you are still reading and haven't jumped into your car racing red lights to the nearest McDonalds lets talk raw live vegan food a lil bit =)
It has been a step by step journey for me to go raw, as it was a step by step journey for me to go vegan in the years preceding that, and by no means am I exclusively or dogmatically one way of eating - I merely chose this way because I feel good when I do so! I try to listen to my body and respond to it accordingly and I also believe that if a meal is prepared with love by those who serve it to you that is a precious gift. So if someone serves me a food I may not usually prepare for myself but it is handmade with such care, time, and love then I believe that food will still nourish me as I digest those beautiful thoughts that went into its preparation. As such I am not 100% raw because I know that my mindset, being the way it is, if I went 100% one way or another it would come from a competitive and negatively controlling thoughtform as opposed to an all accepting and loving one. So I instead try to focus on the amazing energy eating raw gives me and use that as a guide to choose the meals I do, rather than a set of rules to live by.

If you strip it right back eating your fruits and vegetables mostly in their raw state really does make sense - we want to absorb the most nutrients and life force from everything we intake right? And the shelves of every chemist are packed with vitamin supplements to help us increase that uptake of nutrients even further. So what about if we just eat these amazing vegetables in their freshest form? Surely that means that the most nutrition is intact in that present state? And we can bypass all the extra pills! So by consuming our leafy greens in their brightest green and crispiest form we are giving our bodies the gift of life. We are squeezing as much goodness out of those vegies as we possibly can.
And once you try this - the energy your body receives is amazing. After eating mainly raw for even a few weeks many people feel a huge difference in their energy levels, digestion, they are more alert, the colours of life are more vibrant, and as a result you start to really notice and appreciate all that goes into bringing those foods to your kitchen and table. And it really can't be boring because look at all the amazing colours at your disposal! When you plate up a meal that is filled with reds, purples, greens, and yellows that bounce right off the plate your senses are totally stimulated on all counts!

You don't have to change your whole life in one day, so how about just taking it slow and maybe just adding some fresh leafy greens to your next meal, using zucchini instead of pasta, adding a handful of greens to your smoothie, or chopping up some raw carrots and celery to have with your hommus?
Green leafy vegies in particular are extremely alkalising and you will find that most vegetables in their natural state are also. In opposition, all animal meats, dairy, sugars, processed foods are extremely acidic. And as acidic overload on our systems in known to be the root of many western diseases, it makes sense to add as many alkalising foods as we can to right this imbalance.

If you research raw food on the internet you will find a plethora of raw food recipes that are full of 'superfoods' and 300 cups of nuts, and actually contain very few veggies in them. They have their place too but are overwhelming. Eating raw simply means eating LIVE, so put those recipes aside and simply focus on eating as many LIVE and WHOLEFOODS as you can! Try to choose unprocessed versions of foods and eat as close as possible to it's natural state. Easy right?

California, Green Juice, Sunshine
Loving life =)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Looking in the mirror, what do you see?

We all have those days where you get up and all you feel like wearing is a tracksuit, and then when you are walking down the street in that said tracksuit your brains keeps sending you pictures of yourself in a hessian sack (even if your tracksuit is pink and sparkly...)
When you just feel BLAH - out of touch with your mental self, and most definitely your physical self. You start to doubt your inner and outer beauty and see yourself on a downward spiral. Now for most people this leads to two paths - comfort eating, or restrictive eating. One is used as a means to soothe, calm, and quell those negative voices by making yourself feel special with 'special' foods. The other one is a used as a means to regain control of your life, to pull yourself out of your down space by taking control of your food and thus metaphorically, your life.
For some it is using alcohol or drugs to escape and create a new reality where life is good. Whatever the poison, it is all our mind trying to trick us into 'fixing' the situation, when it was our mind that got us there in the first place!

Why is it that one day you can wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and see a bright, shining, goddess of a woman, and then the very next day see an out of proportion, jaded, and fuzzy version of that same goddess? Logically, we can't have physically changed that extremely in one day but yet our mind projects the image that we have... That in 24 hours we have gained 5kgs and suddenly need to take count of all our sins in the last 2 weeks. If you step back it really doesn't make any sense. And everyone else around you sees you as the same beautiful person you always are. But as our thoughts and minds created the negative body images in the first place, our own thoughts are the only way out - no matter how many reassurances you seek and hear from outside people, until you rewire your own thoughts you will remain jaded.

Sometimes we let outside influences get to us. We pick up a copy of Cosmo and stare aimlessly at the endless pictures of airbrushed woman posing walking a dog down the street. If it took that much effort to get myself ready to walk the dog I would probably never leave the house! But we see these pictures and unconsciously discriminate against ourselves for not fitting the mould. We may be feeling down about a lack of focus or goals in our career and as a result berate and blame our appearance for our downfall.

But I truly, honestly, and genuinely believe that we do not need a certain physicality to succeed in life. I believe in nourishing, nurturing, and respecting my body by feeding it foods filled with life force and love, as well as giving it fresh air and using my muscles as they were built to be used. But that doesn't mean a specific look or build. It means going inside and making choices based on truly wanting the best for our selves as a whole. In loving ourselves so much that we can't help but treat ourselves with joy and goodness! We need to get out of our own heads (myself included!) and see the bigger picture of beauty. It is truly of our own making. Why is it that one person can be attracted to one and not another? Because our mind tells us what we classify as beautiful and what is not. But when we start to remove those classifications and see beauty as universal - in that it extends across merely physicality to the other states of being and life on this planet- we tap into that place of acceptance with ourselves and everyone around us.

If it is so simple as just making the choice to see myself as worthy of being beautiful why don't I just choose that everyday? I don't know, but I really don't see why I shouldn't at the same time!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Sometimes we lose contact with ourselves. Sometimes we stand slightly a step outside and behind the light. And when that happens everything gets hazy. I noticed the other day that I have created a pattern for myself unconsciously - a cycle of ups and downs no matter where I am in the world. I am sure that in the beginning these were valid feelings that came about because of an actual event but now they seem to appear even without an actual reason. It is habitual and subconsciously it has become my way of operating or coping.These feelings of inadequacy that pull me down don't feel right, when I am there I don't feel like 'Allyce' and I know they are not really apart of my true self.

Because the real Allyce dives in head first. The real Allyce goes off to explore and finds hidden treasures. The real Allyce acknowledges these lower emotions and thought forms and doesn't judge them or get caught up in them but simply observes them as they move through and past her.
But it takes fearlessness to step back into life. Courage to go past the little 'woe is me' voices and jump into the unknown. Remember when you were a kid and you used to run and throw yourself into the pool without even a second thought? How rollerblading down a big hill was exhilarating even if you skated into a tree on the way?


Once you embrace it and feel it, oh man it is an amazing feeling. You can find freedom in your fearlessness. And I guess as always it has to do with surrendering right? Because you have to let go to have the courage to jump in. You have to bypass all those little no voices and take the leap anyway.
And boy I feel like my last couple of years have been all about jumping in the pool headfirst. Moving to live in countries that are out of our comfort zones, being in a job where it is constantly changing and unpredictable, and living away from your nearest and dearest for long amounts of time forces you to spend time with YOU and as a result every little deep dark corner of you as well =)

But if we choose to be fearless in that darkness, if we choose to step out of our little huts and into the great outdoors - wow, see how much there is to find and discover! We will all step outside at some point, but it is up to us how long we want to spend inside before we take that step. Yes of course it is scary, but if you acknowledge that you are scared and that it is unknown then you have already given yourself permission to move past those feelings and find MORE.
So I make the decision to choose simplicity, ease, peace, and most importantly, joy. And to find that I will step outside, off the ledge, and out into the unknown. Fearlessly. Because life is so much simpler when I don't cloud my head with ifs, ands, or buts and peace is found in the release of fear =)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Just the word conjures up so many emotions, thoughts, even physical reactions. Note how you react to that word. Do you unconsciously touch a part of your body? Do you feel anxiety in you stomach? Do you put up a defence barrier energetically? In my mind, it is hard to see the word 'perfect' as a positive. It implies we must be complete and whole in every aspect of our life and selves and seeing as that is pretty much impossible it also then implies that we are imperfect right now.

This idea of the constant strive for perfection surely must be wired in our brains and bodies - humanity has always been filled with a hierarchy, good vs bad, and a system by which we are judged by others or even by ourselves. Perfection in the physical body - which lets face it is really hard to avoid with all the magazines and billboards everywhere we turn, perfection in the mental body - being judged by your grades and sales quotas...
And even turning to the alternative and spiritual circles - so many people worship gurus and leaders and mould themselves in their image to attain 'enlightenment'. Perfection exists up in the clouds, at the top of the climb and out of our reach.

And do you know who creates that climb? You. If you really wanted you could keep that climb for perfection in whatever way going your whole life. You might say that your teacher or boss keeps you always on the backburner struggling to achieve your goal, but really it is ourselves who are creating that climb and set of goalposts or limitations. What if you have achieved your goal already? Right now? What if you woke up tomorrow at the top of the summit? Would you feel elated and proud? Probably not. Instead I imagine I would create a whole list of reasons as to how I had 'cheated' or find a way to play down that success.

Sure it is healthy and a part of human nature to have a goal and something to work towards but the issue becomes when we are judging ourselves based on the achievement of that goal. When we deem ourselves worthy by having perfect abs, or perfect A grades, or even making the perfect chocolate cake. We ideally should celebrate ourselves and nurture ourselves towards the beauty we find in our goals and their success but somehow along the way it turns negative and we lose sight of the reasons behind making our goals in the first place. So when we reach a stumbling block and lose control of the situation instead of laughing at the twists and turns and realising we are learning as much in this stumble as we are in the goal itself, we berate ourselves, feel guilt, and judge ourselves unworthy of setting the goal in the first place.

My heart hurts so much to think of all the beautiful family and friends in my life thinking less of themselves and missing out on their true potential and light! If a friend told you they were planning to climb Mt Everest, no matter how insane the goal, you would most likely support their wacky ideas and help them achieve success - so why do we shut ourselves down in the blink of an eye?

And because this 'perfection gene' is so deeply ingrained in society it is a biggie to try and shift in yourself. Be patient, be kind, and start with small moments of acceptance of yourself for who you are today. Ground yourself into your real self, not the perfect far off version (who frankly is not as awesome and eclectic as your now self anyway...) and unleash your awesomeness on the world!

Friday, 23 March 2012

A Must See

Today I watched the documentary "Hungry for Change". You may have heard about it as they have done some REALLY good marketing to promote the film, especially across facebook. It is made by the same team as the doco Food Matters and features interviews from many highly regarded health and nutrition people.

If you are looking to make a change or inspire yourself to become more aware of what you choose in your life I recommend tuning in to watch the film - as always, you will only take out of it what you are ready to hear. Don't force yourself and spend the 90mins fighting with the people on the screen as then you are only creating a negative response in yourself. Remember that everyone has their opinions and you don't always need to agree but recognise that there is truth in all and that the issues they raise in this doco are very real and scientifically valid and supported.

The best part about watching these type of films is that they plant the seed of change within you - maybe that change will take 3 days to take root, maybe 3 years, but subconsciously you are opening up to more possibilities by doing yourself the favour of seeking out this knowledge. As the film finished I found myself immediately going out to savour a fresh green vege juice and galloping through the supermarket with a basket full of fresh vegies to whip up for dinner =) And the best part is - it wasn't a 'chore' to eat the 'good' stuff, my mind and body made that decision for me and I was actually craving all those yummy wholefoods!

One of my favourite parts of the film was when they spoke about diets not working - this is something I feel so strongly about. I strongly dislike the use of the word diet and prefer 'way of living' or 'lifestyle choice'. Because a diet implies starvation, it conjures up failure, short term goals, and worst of all it makes you feel you are depriving yourself. I like to think that if I told myself I was going on a chocolate diet and I was in no way allowed to eat anything but I would feel deprived because of the use of the word CAN'T and even though I was eating a 'naughty' food like chocolate the treat of it would lose all meaning and instead the focus would go onto everything else you are not allowed. You need to discover the reasons behind WHY you make the choices you do, and make those choices holistically so that you involving all parts of your life being mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and then the changes will stick. Our mind plays a much greater role than we realise - I believe everything starts with a thought and all physical matters manifest from our thoughts and emotions. So if we can shift our awareness and start opening up to new thoughts and positive beliefs about ourselves it becomes so much easier to create and live a life you want to live.

I think it is so important for everyone to ask questions. We take so much for granted as we are spoonfed so much in our culture. Spoonfed what to watch, listen to, look like, eat like... And then when we go to the supermarket shelves we simply take items off the shelves without knowing what we are actually eating! We take medication from the doctor without knowing where it came from or what it is actually doing to us! We try to lose weight not for our own health and wellbeing but because other people and magazines say we should!

It's time for everyone to stop and take stock. Start loving yourself, start asking yourself what you can do to bring the best to this life and how you can educate yourself to help others around you as well.

If you have the time (and if you don't then you might need to reassess your priorities in life hehe) please watch this film. It is available free to watch online until the end of March. Here is the link:

Much love to you all and happy discoveries!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's the way we get there...

For a few weeks now I have been talking to my Ma about how I just didn't feel excited about my yoga practice. It wasn't that I didn't want to be there, I was perfectly inspired to be practicing but it was more like I didn't want to be in that exact room, taking THAT class. I would mentally fight the teacher and every direction they were giving and I felt like a sooky teenager sometimes! I kept saying I missed yoga back in Australia, but I couldn't pinpoint my finger on exactly what it was I missing...
I just knew 'something' was a miss. 

And then as the Universe would have it, a chain of events led me to take a trial class at a new studio... BAM! REALIGNMENT!
From the moment I started that 90mins of one loooooong exhalation for my body I knew this was it, it wasn't that I was fighting yoga, it was that I was fighting myself and the fact that I needed to make a change and seek something new.
After just 2 days at this new studio I realised what it was I was searching for- heart. You see for me yoga is not purely physical and that is why certain styles appeal to me more than others. I will always remember the feeling of walking out of a rocking practice and noticing that the colours of the sky and the trees are actually brighter than they were before! And feeling so much love for everyone and everything around me I might burst! That is a rounded yoga practice and for the last few months although my strength has been building and I have certainly learnt and discovered many new and awesome things in my classes, that was no longer enough. I needed heart.

And of course when I got to this new studio my ego piped in with a seemingly friendly "well if you had just chosen this studio in the first place you could have had this all along" - WRONG!
The fact is that I didn't choose this studio to practice at 3 months ago, I chose another one and as with everything on this Earth, I chose it for a reason. I needed to go through that exploration and that time to understand what is truly important to me and to be able to articulate it.
And if I had gone to the studio with classes I was comfortable with straight away, I would never have tried and embraced all the different and varying styles available to me by being out of my home country and safety zone. I am glad it happened the way it did and I don't think I have lost out anything this way. If anything I appreciate the classes more now and am super amped to make the most out of my last 6 weeks here.

So, I have used yoga as my speaking ground but I truly believe there is an underlying tone that you can all apply to many aspects of your life - find your own 'yoga' and see how it works for you. We often tend to focus on the destination, the arrival point, the peak, but isn't it the things along the way that you remember? The destination may only last a few minutes before it becomes habit and melds into everything else in your life, and when you look back you remember the scenery of your life on the journey. The people, the view, the food you tasted along the way.

And speaking of food - here is a recipe for you to taste along the way! As many of you know, I'm all about fresh, organic, unprocessed food to nourish and nurture our bodies =)

Lately I have been craving Italian flavours and this is my go-to sauce - use it on greens, grains, or my personal favourite - raw zucchini noodles/ribbons mmm....

Marinara Magic
6 sundried tomato halves, drained
1 small red capsicum
6 cherry or mini roma tomatoes
1 tbsp tahini (makes it a bit creamy)
2 tsp olive oil
1 clove garlic
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp dried italian mixed herbs
1 tsp tamari (or soy sauce)
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp honey
1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional, only if you have it)
a big handful of fresh herbs (I use basil, rosemary, oregano, but pretty much anything goes!)

Chop all the ingredients and then chuck everything except the fresh herbs into the blender. Blend til almost smooth, should not take long, and add a tbsp or two of water if you need to  help it mix. 
Put the herbs in and briefly blend only until herbs are incorporated and evenly mixed. No need to cook - keep it fresh and savour the goodness in its natural state!
You can store this in the fridge for a few days in a sealed container.


Thursday, 1 March 2012


Today I visited MacRitchie Reservoir here in Singapore, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting this fair city. It's only 15min out of the city but for those few hours walking through its trails you are transported light years away from the chaos and bustle of the city. There are times when you look up and can only see glimpses of the sky and sun peeking through the rainforest canopy, when all you can hear are the cicadas singing to their mates, and all you feel is the physical act of walking. Meditative =)

I've got to give it to Singapore - even though the streets are busy and people are walking around attached to each and every piece of technology available, it is certainly green! The climate is perfect for lush tropical plants and all you need to do is escape to one of the many parks scattered throughout the island to reconnect and ground once more.

And as I was walking along staring at the leaves littered among the ground it occurred to me that the brown "dead" leaves lie right alongside the green grass and plants all around them. In fact, they add compost and help create moist and fertile ground for new plants to shoot through. So all the parts of ourselves we consider "waste" and "old" have such an important function - paving the way for the bright, tender, new shoots to burst through! The leaves are just as living as we are and if their purposes are so cyclical and intrinsically connected, as too are ours. It is so necessary for us to shed the thoughts, mentalities, and habits that no longer serve us well so we have the space to see the sunshine and allow it to shine on our beautiful new parts. It can be a literal or a physical journey of release - writing down all that you wish to release and maybe burning the paper, or going for a swim in the cleansing ocean and letting go of old ways through the water washing them away, or walking through the rainforest and with each step letting go and walking forward into the new. But then we must recognise that those parts we are releasing have served us a wonderful purpose and although we must now let them go, they were created because we needed them at the time. Rather than an ending being sad or angry, it is beautiful as it means we have grown and progressed to a new place and we are ready to continue further on our journey. It is a celebration of self and all you have achieved simply by living on this planet.

You know, before I sat down to write this blog I spoke to one of my friends in the dressing room about how I didn't have an inspiration... And as soon as I sat down at the keyboard the words simply flowed and it appears I do have an inspiration! Maybe we always have inspiration and we just need to give ourselves the opportunity and the space to let it be seen! 

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I often use the word 'Surrender' as a kind of mantra for myself - it reminds me to be present in the moment, to lay aside all expectation and judgement of how things are 'supposed' to be and simply live for whatever and whoever I am right now. It especially helps me in yoga, when often I arrive on my mat with a gazillion thoughts zipping around my head and if I tell them to kindly buzz off that only makes the buzzing louder =)

However, it occurred to me today how the word Surrender has so many different meanings and connotations in our society. Historically, the word surrender can actually seem quite negative -as in an army surrendering and giving up to the other side, or a surrender to the defeat against a stronger force.
So often, we walk around with the idea of surrendering being a last resort, something we arrive at after we have pushed and exhausted all our other options.

What a tough expectation and burden to hang over our shoulders! It's quite sad really to think of how many beautiful people out there are fighting to keep a job, a home, a relationship, a lifestyle, even though they are unhappy because the idea of surrendering to their true feelings or to the uncertainty of life is seen as the ultimate failure and defeat!

I have come to see the word surrender as much more than that. Rather than the ultimate defeat, it is the ultimate act of courage! It takes alot to actually let go and accept what life is going to bring you, especially when we have no idea of what that could be! When we are at a crossroads and have difficulty making a decision, sometimes the most courageous and liberating thing we can do is simply surrender to what is. Just surrender to this one day, to only what is right in front of you, and let the rest go.

I guess surrendering is all about letting go of control isn't it? If we let go of the need to control, we allow the world to work its magic =)

And most of the time, it is remembering to surrender to the little things - to surrender to the moment of a person holding up the queue, to surrender to getting caught in the rain, to surrender to not being occupied every second of every minute - because maybe in that moment of surrender and in-between I will witness a smile on the face of a child or catch a laugh with a stranger - something I would have missed by being caught in my own head!

One of my fav songs by the one and only India Arie xxx

Monday, 6 February 2012


I stumbled across a very interesting fact the other day about something science calls the "Schumann Resonance"...
Apparently the sound of the Earth resonates within the 100km sonic concentric tunnel that encircles and is a part of the Earth - commonly known as the atmosphere, it being the space before "space" technically begins. The caverns beneath the Earth's surface also amplify this beat and it is broadcast around the Earth from those resonating cavities. 
The interesting part is that without this beat we become ill, disorientated, and we eventually die! This has been fully researched and even NASA fits each spacecraft with a Schumann simulator which exposes astronauts to the 7.8 hertz heartbeat that we feel at all times, therefore keeping them well!

The Schumann resonance is like a tuning fork for the Earth, meaning it has natural frequencies for electromagnetic radiation, and as it turns out the human brain has exactly the SAME natural frequencies! Wow...

There is alot of scientific research about the Schumann resonance as it has a direct correlation to lightening storms and also the transmission of radio waves and the like, which you are welcome to investigate further if it interests you, however for me the curiosity lies more in the underlying fact that the Earth has a heartbeat that is constantly pulsing and keeping us connected and alive! AMAZING!

What is disturbing though is the thought that we could possibly be altering this natural rhythm by using electronic devices that disturb the frequencies we live in... Many people get headaches from using computers and mobile phones and with the number of electronic devices in one room in the average household I'm not surprised that we are affected eventually! My Mum always brought us up to switch off appliances at the powerpoint if we were not using them and although this was for an energy saving purpose I also think it is a good idea to reduce the amount of electronic 'clutter'. I now also switch off all powerpoints before I go to sleep at well as it disrupts your sleep having electric currents and radiation constantly flowing around you.

So I guess the things to take home are that ultimately from the moment we arrived on this Earth our own bodies synced in with the Earth's natural rhythms and continue to do so of their own accord! So be kinder to Mother Earth - she is keeping you alive and well =) 

Monday, 30 January 2012

Taste the flavour sensations!

How often do you actually, really, taste a mouthful of food? Have you ever stopped and actually TASTED every single flavour rolling around your mouth?
Often that is a bit impossible as there is so much going on flavour wise in our foods that we just chew and swallow and get the overall gist.
We cover every part of our meal with something else - salad is drenched in a creamy dressing, stir fries in a shiny glaze, even fruit has added sweeteners such as ice cream and choc syrups...

I challenge you to take your food back to simplicity, even if it's just one meal.

Instead of reaching for that caesar dressing, add a little olive oil, balsamic, lemon juice and let the sweetness of the vegies shine and that crisp fresh texture roll around your mouth.

Look around the supermarket for some of Mother Nature's most treasured gifts like a juicy mango, ripe pineapple, sweet papaya, or red strawberry. Take them home, cut them up and present it beautifully on your plate. Take you time to make your food look appealing and appetising and then you don't need to add anything else because it already looks beautiful!
Take your plate outside or sit by the window and bite into each piece of fruit and let the flavour fill you. Find the subtle differences between each fruit and bite. Tell your brain to please be quiet and stop judging and just let yourself enjoy it.

Or even better - go back to the freedom of childhood and throw away all airs and graces... and cutlery =) Take that mango, cut in halves, lean over the sink, and eat it with your hands! Let the juice drip down your chin and make sure you suck the pip dry baby!!!!

We have so much in life to be grateful for, and near the top of the list is the beautiful bounty we have been provided for by the Earth beneath our feet. Try thanking your food before you eat it, it doesn't have to be out loud if you feel silly hehe, just acknowledge internally that you give thanks for the abundance in your life that allows you to have the choice of what to eat, and that the choice you have is as varied and creative as you want it to be. 

Slow down, and take note of what you are feeding your body. Because chances are, if you are feeding your body foods that are less than, you are also feeding your body thoughts that are less than...


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Our helpers

There are people in life who just know you. People who offer you that little gold nugget of wisdom while you have just searched the entire backgarden in vain. People who open your eyes to see the rainbow behind the storm you are stuck in. They know exactly what to say with honesty and truth, no fluffing up your ego, no roundabout undercurrents. They are few and far between but in those times of crisis and trouble they show their faces and you realise their true worth.
I call these people soulmates. 

I use the term soulmate not in a romantic sense (although of course I don't discount the romantic soulmates either!), but more in an altruistic/platonic way. I have several close friends both male and female who I consider soulmates - I know that our friendship stretches over time and distance. Our paths are destined to keep crossing for eternity, ours is a friendship for life. And even though our paths lead us often in opposite directions around the world and we may lose contact for a while, I know we will always find our way back. 

And in those moments when you are down, they are there. With all the right words and a hug and without realising it they lift a little of that burden off your shoulders. 

And the best part of this friendship is that you know it is give and take. There are no agendas. They are there for you and you are there for them. Beautifully complex in its simplicity =) 

Because life can seem too much at times. We are so fully involved in creating that it is hard to step back and see the bigger picture. We are very adept at working ourselves into the cracks and crevices of our minds and analysing every twist and turn. Our soulmates prod us back into the right direction, remind us to let go and trust our choices again. And they remind us that hey, we are doing ok! 

Thankyou to everyone in my life, for extending that hand when I have lost my footing, it has not gone unnoticed... 

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Sometimes you just feel BLAH. There is no one thing in particular that makes you feel that way, it is just as if today Mr Sunshine is there but you are seeing him through double glazed lenses so the sensations of life are all a bit hazy. I went to bed the other night feeling this way and somehow it lingered through to poke its head out the next morning.

I opened my windows to find that it was a full moon that night which always sends me a bit kooky in one way or another hehe. But for whatever reason, for that day, I'm not so easily amused/inspired/joyful and I'm a somewhat duller version of my usual self.

It's ok not to be happy all the time. Remember that movie Pleasantville? Set in the 50's, it starts off in black and white with the typical happy go lucky nuclear family with smiles pasted on at all times. However, it is not until the characters start to truly feel the lows as well as the highs- the anger, frustration, despair in opposition to the elation, excitement, and joy- that the movie takes on technicolour and springs to life on the screen.

My beautiful Mama is always reminding to simply let go and be in my "down" moods. She encourages me to cry, to talk, and to feel the feelings. That way they move, they shift, and hopefully leave us a bit quicker.

Because let's face it we don't live in a utopia - I have tried living as a shiny bright flower and I always end up crashing big time, IT DOES NOT WORK! Although, this is an ongoing lesson for me and for many of you I'm sure... We are encouraged to persevere, to jump up and run back into battle. But why would you go into a battle with armour that has holes and is frayed and torn?

If you are having a BLAH day, leave your expectations for yourself alone for the day. Just let yourself be. Be gentle, kind, and for that day just sit and accept yourself warts and all.

And I know it is easier said than done but if you just sit with yourself and be present in your not so joyful mood, one morning you will wake up to find you have moved through to the other side and life is a few shades lighter.

I write all of this because I need the constant reminding as well! This is not an easy lesson to learn but hey at least we are all in this life together =)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Here in Singapore the weather for the last week has been PHENOMENAL. Few things make me happier than opening my blinds in the morning to see a clear blue sky and the Mr Sunshine beaming down on my face - growing up in Australia you take that expansive blue sky for granted, and so when you find a patch of it while you are away from home... well, it is even more inspiring =)

And the sunshine always gets me thinking - what are the things in your life that make your heart sing, that make you feel like YOU again? Your go-to activities that always ground you into your true self and make you feel settled? 

If you are travelling around and away from your home base these are your keys.

One of my keys is my yoga practice, and the feeling of stepping back onto my mat after having had some time off is like plugging myself back into a power socket. I am immediately grounded, settled, and in tune with the dance of life. There is something so magical about the power of your breath and the way in which your body flows and moves fuelled by its power. Taking the time to quieten and actually be one on one with yourself is not something widely encouraged by our busy lifestyles, which makes it even sweeter when you stop.
Follow that yoga class with a beautiful green park, Mr Sunshine back for a visit, and a smoothie (or a big fat juicy MANGO) and ladies and gentlemen we have HEAVEN!

I think it is so important to find those things that make your heart sing and take the time to do them, no matter how selfish, silly, or insignificant they may seem at the time. Sometimes it is breakfast at your favourite cafe with friends, sometimes it is climbing a tree in the park, sometimes it is exploring a new part of town you have never been to. Whatever it is, work it into your weekly routine! 

And on that note I am going to share something else that makes me feel very warm and yummy inside but is also choc full of goodness: Raw Hot Chocolate!

It's super easy to make and great for an afternoon pick me up or for a snuggle with an episode of Grey's Anatomy hehe.

  • a small handful of nuts (I use a mix of cashews and brazils, I think it's about 10 nuts all up?)
  • 1 medjool date, deseeded and chopped up
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of salt
  • a small tsp coconut butter
  • 1 1/2 heaped tsp raw cacao powder
  • pinch of cinnamon powder
  • hot water
In your blender blend the nuts and dates with a little water until they are a smooth paste. Add the remaining ingredients. Fill your mug with hot water and add that water to the blender. Blend all until smooth and creamy YUMMMM! 

Of course you can make this without a blender, just sub the nuts for already made nut milk and the date with honey or your choice of sweetener. But for me, the blender just makes it extra creamy and creates a lovely frothy top for your yummy drink!

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