Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Cheer!

Orchard Rd Lights 2011
It’s Christmas! I know this is cliché, but there is something about Christmas Carols that really do lift your spirits! This week I’ve been cranking out the Christmas mix on iTunes as I make my morning green smoothie and I find that an hour later I’m still jolly and merrily humming away.
Ok there is one little downer- that all the malls here in Singapore play the same Christmas cd on repeat all day everyday. And seeing as that every journey you take here involves you walking through a mall (or several), that is a lot of time to get cosy with that repetitious robotic caroling soundtrack…

Every year of my childhood that I can remember I spent the week leading up to Christmas performing in the Perth Nativity and for me that has become synonymous with the season. Standing in the middle of the city, surrounded by hundreds of people, all hushed and drawn into the magic of the story. The gentle light shining down on faces, the beautiful sound of strings and voices in harmony, the slow smooth breeze blowing across your neck… For me that is Christmas. Total strangers connected and enthralled in the story of life. It’s not about religion necessarily, it’s about the connection to others.

We all know Christmas has become a mass marketing ploy and so much of the holiday is now focused on gifts and shopping – so let’s try and turn that around into what underlies it all and that is the spirit of GIVING!

So when you are sharing gifts with your loved ones (and maybe also not always so loved ones hehe), really look and see how and what you are giving to them in your everyday life. Are you giving them your full attention? Your eyes? Your thoughts? Your voice?

Remember that all the people you surround yourself with are people you have chosen to be in your life, and you have chosen them for a reason. See the beauty and light in each and everyone of your special ones, and really give them your appreciation for that light.
And you might just find that the more you give and share with others, the more they give and share with you, and you ultimately receive =)


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Living for today

Firstly, a warm welcome to my blog! This is my first entry and it has taken me a while to get to as I got way too carried away googling blog designs and my perfectionist streak came hurtling through... meaning I spent hours looking and planning and making absolutely no decisions at all. So be prepared to revisit this blog and find the design has changed as my perfectionist tendencies slowly rear their ever-present heads =)

And so funnily enough my word for today was: ACCEPTANCE.
I am a very passionate woman and most especially passionate about health and vitality and living your life to the fullest. But we can get bogged down by "trying" to live that life to the best it can be. And "trying" defeats the whole purpose right?

We spend so much time planning and researching and reading and don't get me wrong, all those are great and so important to give us our groundwork but do we really stop and just let that knowledge settle and work its magic? We are AMAZING people, capable of so much... if we let ourselves just be. The hardest thing is to let yourself go and switch your inner commentary off!

It seems all we have to do is live in the present. When you read it, it is such a beautifully simple statement. 
To live here on this Earth.
To be committed to this very second and THAT IS ALL.
No more.
You can't ask anymore of yourself than that.
No pressure, no expectations of what tomorrow will bring. 
Simply surrender yourself to yourself, as the human being you are at this moment in time.
That is Beauty. That is Love. That is Light.

And that is enough!

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